• About Richard Wakeley

    Today, countless people struggle to find someone who can stand up for them and advocate for their interests. That is where people such as Richard Wakeley have stepped up to the plate. He is the president and CEO of the PNW Women's Hybrid for Hope Foundation. His entire goal in life is to stand up for people who do not have a voice. He has worked hard to customize his organization to advocate for those most in need, and he works hard to ensure that people understand the threat that human trafficking poses to society today. He focuses on helping the greater Seattle area and the country as a whole. Now, his organization is growing, providing resources that can help people get back on their feet after some of the most challenging times in their lives.


    Even though Richard was always a stand-out student in the classroom, he knew he wanted to spend his life helping people. He has volunteered with various organizations and donated his time and resources to assist nonprofit companies. Eventually, he realized that fighting human trafficking was where he wanted to spend most of his efforts, and he decided to start his organization. He has learned from some of the top mentors in the industry, and he understands precisely what resources the victims of human trafficking require. That is why the PNW Women's Hybrid for Hope Foundation has become one of the most well-respected nonprofit organizations in the region.


    His foundation is currently working on developing a contract with the US Department of Homeland Security. He is also working closely with the United States Coast Guard. The goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide therapy to people who are victims of sex trafficking and human trafficking. This nonprofit organization will focus on providing young girls with the opportunity they need to rebuild their lives. For example, his organization will offer them educational resources that they can use to land a job and start a career. It will also ensure they can access the mental health resources they require. These resources are essential for helping them process the traumatic experiences that they have been through.


    In addition, he is working on setting up a variety of support programs and life skill programs. In addition to ensuring victims of human trafficking have access to mental health and educational resources, he knows they also need to have access to specific resources that can help them learn life skills they did not learn growing up. This unique, comprehensive approach makes the organization crucial in the current environment. The goal of this nonprofit organization is to allow girls to stay in a haven for approximately two years. Then, after they feel comfortable with the life they have built for themselves, they can go out on their own.


    Even though Richard spends significant time working on his nonprofit organization, he volunteers with various other organizations. For example, he has spent considerable time working with PAWS, an animal rescue organization. There are countless animals in the local area that do not have safe homes, and they turn to PAWS for help. Because he has a tremendous amount of resources available at his disposal, known at his disposal, he spends a lot of time volunteering with this animal rescue organization.


    He also regularly volunteers with homeless organizations in the local area. For example, he works closely with Michael's Place, an organization that focuses on cooking meals and baking goods for homeless veterans. Unfortunately, there are many problems with how this country treats its veterans, and there are far too many veterans in Seattle who are homeless. Therefore, Richard has taken it upon himself to spend a tremendous amount of time volunteering with this organization that volunteers to help homeless veterans who are having a hard time adjusting to civilian society after returning from combat Tours of Duty overseas.


    Furthermore, there are numerous food banks in the local area that provide hot meals for those who need them. Unfortunately, many of these food banks are running dry, particularly with the recent stressful times that many people have been through. That is why Mr. Wakeley works hard to collect food and donate it to these food banks. He fervently believes that nobody should have to wonder where their next meal is coming from, and by providing food banks with access to the resources they require, he ensures that everyone has food in their bellies.


    He has racked up a lot of accomplishments in his life, but he believes that life is a lifelong learning journey. That is why Wakeley is currently going back to school at Bellevue College. He is working on his Master's in Psychology, believing that this knowledge will allow him to better advocate for those in need. This includes girls who have become victims of human trafficking, as many have developed mental health issues that few people can truly understand. This type of educational foundation will allow him to help those in need.


    Finally, Wakeley also strongly believes having a good work-life balance is essential. That is why he always works hard to make time for those closest to him. He strives to spend time with his family members and friends, as it is vital for him to take care of his mental health. Only by taking care of his psychological and physical help can he ensure that he is at the top of his game to help those in need. It will be interesting to see what mission he tackles next.

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