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    There are several advantages to volunteering at food banks. There are also cross-sector...
    There are various ways to volunteer for and with Homeless Veterans of America if you've ever...
    Certification and training in first aid can help you save lives in a variety of emergency...
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    Today, countless people struggle to find someone who can stand up for them and advocate for their interests. That is where people such as Richard Wakeley have stepped up to the plate. He is the president and CEO of the PNW Women's Hybrid for Hope Foundation. His entire goal in life is to stand up for people who do not have a voice. He has worked hard to customize his organization to advocate for those most in need, and he works hard to ensure that people understand the threat that human trafficking poses to society today. He focuses on helping the greater Seattle area and the country as a whole. Now, his organization is growing, providing resources that can help people get back on their feet after some of the most challenging times in their lives.

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